Census - American Community Survey - S0901 Children Characteristics

Characteristics of children under 18 years in households, by type of household structure. The data is filtered in the link provided to show Oklahoma and Tulsa counties.



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When Was The Data Collected?


Why Was The Data Collected?

Questions about age are asked to provide assistance to children and families and ensure equal opportunity. Disability status is asked to provide adequate housing and health care, to understand changes in opportunity, and to provide assistance. Household relationship questions are asked to provide adequate housing, assistance to families, and to understand changing households. More details can be found on the Census website: https://www.census.gov/acs/www/about/why-we-ask-each-question/

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When Was The Data Last Updated?


How Was The Data Collected?

Survey, via mail to specific addresses

Who Collected The Data?

American Community Survey (ACS)

Who Owns The Data?

U.S. Census Bureau, Department of Commerce

Who Was Included Or Excluded From The Sample?

3.5 million addresses nationwide are randomly selected each year to respond to the American Community Survey. The sample size indicated below applies to the nationwide size, housing units selected for final interviews.

Notes On Data Quality

Random sampling method of data collection on a rotating basis, participants are legally obligated to answer all questions as accurately as possible. Privacy is protected by the Census Bureau. There is a 90% margin of error.

Notes On Data Usage Conditions

Relationship data is used by various tribal and government agencies to fund programs and services for households that qualify for assistance. (source: https://www.census.gov/acs/www/about/why-we-ask-each-question/relationship/) The data is publicly available and may be used for cross-community comparisons by the public, journalists, educators, businesses, and various government and nonprofit agencies.

How Often Is The Data Refreshed?


What Is The Sample Size?



Are The Variables Clearly Defined?


Has The Data Been Disaggregated?


Why Hasn'T The Data Been Disaggregated?


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What Other Data Could Be Used As A Comparison Point?

Oklahoma DHS may also have relevant data regarding children in foster care. The comparison would be at the county level. The IRS may also have relevant income data.

Why Were These Categories Used?

ACS does not explain how it defines or why it uses particular categories, other than to understand income level for service and program delivery and funding.

Who Selected The Categories?

American Community Survey and U.S. Census Bureau

Who Is Defining The Categories?

American Community Survey and U.S. Census Bureau

Who Is Defining The Categories?

American Community Survey and U.S. Census Bureau


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